eLaw Insider March 2017 Edition


Welcome to the March 2017 issue of the eLaw Insider.

It’s officially spring! Hopefully Mother Nature gets the memo and we’ve seen our last nor’easter for 2017. While you were digging out or simply avoiding the roads, many of you took advantage of our new ePer Diem service to cover appearances. Learn more about our newest offering and find out what customers are saying below.

This issue also includes an overview of two popular eLaw offerings to help improve efficiency in your firm’s daily operations and recent procedural changes announced by the Queens Civil Court and Bronx County Supreme Court as well as filing dates for the upcoming Appellate Court terms.

As always, to learn more about ePer Diem or other eLaw services that can help improve your firm’s productivity, contact me at Dominick@eLaw.com.

Warm Regards,

Dominick Esposito
Executive Director

 ePer Diem

Have you heard? eLaw now offers a daily attorney service to handle a wide variety of matters in both New York and New Jersey courts. ePer Diem was launched to help ensure you never miss an appearance!

All appearances are handled professionally and with zealous representation by experienced attorneys. And eLaw will monitor the results of your appearance so that you promptly receive a report in your eLaw account.

What are clients saying about ePer Diem?…

The service has been excellent! We have been using [ePer Diem for] several months and could not be happier. We had a rush the other day when we realized we did not have an attorney going to a Motion, and we called Jamie at 9:20 for a 9:30 motion in New York County and your office handled it with no problems at all. The reports we receive give us details on exactly what happened at the appearance. We could not be happier!”

To learn more or to schedule service, call the ePer Diem Hotline: 212-209-3354. Orders can also be placed online, via your eLaw account.

Increase Your Productivity in 2017

Case additions – the simplest way to ensure all your cases are added to your eWatch account promptly and accurately – let eLaw handle the additions for you. When a new case is e-filed, simply forward to eLaw the return email in which the court assigns you an index number and we’ll add the case in your account!

CMS & Calendar Sync – eLaw subscribers have the option to automatically synchronize their eWatch account with an existing case management system or calendar. Eliminate the need for manual entry of updates, saving time and reducing the risk of errors or missing an appearance when you sync your eWatch to your CMS or calendar. Learn more.

Recent Court Updates

Queens Civil Court Update

Effective February 27, 2017:

  • Parts 40/41 (No Fault Motions) will be combined with Parts 30/32/34/35/38/39 (Special Term Motions) in Courtroom 308 at 9:30 a.m.
  • Infant Compromise Hearings (Part 37) will be heard in Courtroom 308 at 11:30 a.m.
  • Con Edison Voluntary Conferences will be held in Courtroom 306 at 9:30 a.m.

Bronx County – Supreme Court

Effective March 1, 2017:

Actions or proceedings that are commenced as e-file cases by a plaintiff/petitioner and then assigned to one of the City Parts in the Bronx Supreme Court (Part 3, Judge Mitchell J. Danziger presiding, and Parts 33 and 17 (NYCHA cases), Judge Larry S. Schachner presiding) will no longer be removed from e-filing. All motions, orders and any other documents to be filed must be filed by NYSCEF.

Working Copies of all e-filed motions and e-filed opposition, reply, stipulations, and any other responding documents must be filed in Room 217 at the Courthouse, 851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451 on or before the return date.

In addition, hard copies of all e-filed ex parte orders and notices of settlement must be filed in Room 217; hard copies of e-filed orders to show cause must be filed in Room 216. For further information for the Bronx Supreme Court, please check the Filing Rules for the E-Filed Motions at www.nycourts.gov/courts.

Bronx County – Supreme Court


Motor Vehicle Special Trial Part

Effective March 27, 2017:

As part of the court’s Motor Vehicle Initiative, Justice Elizabeth Taylor will preside over a newly created Motor Vehicle Special Trial Part (Motor Vehicle STP), which will be comprised of automobile cases that are 12 months post-note of issue or older.

Motor vehicle cases that are currently assigned to Justice Doris Gonzalez will remain with Justice Gonzalez and will not be transferred to Justice Taylor. However, Justice Gonzalez will not be receiving any new motor vehicle cases.

In an effort to centralize the operations of the court’s STP Program, Justices Gonzalez and Taylor will continue to occupy adjoining courtrooms (711 and 710 respectively).

Contemporaneous to the creation of the Motor Vehicle STP is the commencement of a program to expedite decisions in pending “serious injury” threshold motions.

Counsel are cautioned that all cases assigned to the Motor Vehicle STP are deemed trial ready and may be sent out to trial as early as the first conference before Justice Taylor.

First Department – Appellate Term

Filing Dates for the April Term:

The April 2017 Term of the Court will commence on April 3, 2017. All filing dates are passed.

Filing Dates for the May Term

The May 2017 Term of the Court will commence on May 1, 2017. The last dates for filing that term are as follows:

  • The Clerk’s Return, record on Appeal, Appendices, Notice of Argument and Appellant’s Briefs must be filed on or before March 8, 2017.
  • Respondent’s Briefs must be filed on or before March 30, 2017.
  • Reply Briefs, if any, must be filed on or before April 7, 2017

Be sure to visit www.eLaw.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook for court updates as they become available.

Upcoming Events

Visit with representatives from eLaw at the following spring events:

NJAJ Boardwalk Seminar

April 26-28, 2017

Atlantic City, NJ

2017 Law Day Dinner

May 4, 2017

New York, NY

NJSBA Annual Meeting and Convention

May 17-19, 2017

Atlantic City, NJ

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