eLaw Insider – March 2015 edition



Ready for Spring?

Welcome to the March 2015 issue of the eLaw Insider.

It’s been a long, brutal winter for many of us, making the sights and sounds of this season of renewal a huge welcome. In addition to spring cleaning, this is a great time to review your eLaw subscriptions to ensure you have access to all of the eLaw products your firm needs to help you practice with confidence. If you have questions or need information, please contact me at Dominick@eLaw.com.

Dominick Esposito
Executive Director


eLaw CMS Sync ImageClick to download the CMS Sync PDF

Syncing with Case Management Systems

eLaw eliminates the need to manually enter information into case management software (CMS), preventing clerical data entry errors and saving valuable time. CMS Sync pushes case docket information directly into a firm’s CMS, synchronizing with both proprietary CMS platforms and off-the-shelf products.

Maximize the value of your firm’s CMS and never miss an appearance again. Using an index number, county and year for the case being watched, get automatic updates to your CMS, including:

Future appearance dates
Adjourned appearances
Court decisions
Subpoenaed records arriving at the courthouse
Judges’ information
325D transfer notification
Case status

Learn more about CMS Sync here or contact us today to tell us which CMS syncing you need.

eLaw eCopy Image

Let Us Do Your Document Retrieval with eCopy

With eCopy, there is no longer a need for slips or followup phone calls! Place online orders for a full range of court documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – even if you do not have an eLaw paid subscription.

eLaw’s eCopy service retrieves court documents that range from a few pages to over 1,000, including judgments, decisions and subpoena records, throughout all 62 counties in New York and 21 counties in New Jersey. Covering Supreme and Civil Courts as well as state department and agencies, if a document is filed, eLaw can get it – keeping your staff focused on other important tasks and eliminating the hassle of inclement weather.

For more information, contact eCopy Product Manager Jaime Brown at jbrown@lawdiary.com.


Fast Facts: 2014 Roundup

5.7 million eDocket searches conducted
2.4 million eWatch alerts emailed to clients
28,000 eServe orders processed
9,800 eCopy orders completed


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