Summer is upon us! We hope you’re able to enjoy some rest and relaxation in the coming months.

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Summer is upon us! We hope you’re able to enjoy some rest and relaxation in the coming months.

2016-elaw-SummertimeBefore heading away from the office, be sure to let eLaw handle all of your upcoming appearances with our top-rated ePer Diem service. ePer Diem is the buzz of the legal community. There are three easy ways to schedule coverage:

(1) login to your account and coverage is just a click away;
(2) call the ePer Diem Hotline: 212-209-3354; or
(3) e-mail us to request coverage.

Going on vacation has never been easier. Let ePer Diem cover your appearances while you relax and enjoy your summer!

eLaw is celebrating summer with America’s FAVORITE pastime- Baseball. We are giving you the chance to join us at a Yankees game just by entering online!

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  1. No purchase necessary to enter.
  2. Cannot be an employee of eLaw or its affiliates, (Family member of an employee), sponsor, or employee of a partner.
  3. Winner must work in either NY or NJ at an entity that would benefit from the use of eLaw’s services.
  4. Qualified winners will receive a vote in the order that they are received. A number randomizer will pick the winning entry number.
  5. Winner will be announced 7 days prior to the game. Once the winner is notified through Facebook they have 24 hours respond. After 24 hours a second winner will be selected, continuing every 24 hours until a winner is confirmed.
  6. How to win:
    Like eLaw on Facebook- 1 entry (Single Play)
     b. Like eLaw on Facebook and Leave a comment on Facebook- 2 entries (Double Play)
     c. Above two and Leave a positive 5 star review- 3 entries (Triple Play)
     d. Above three and Share the page- 4 entries (Home Run).

To learn more, contact Dominick at 800-444-4041, ext. 170 or

Enjoy your summer!

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Suffolk County Supreme Court Update

Please note the clerks at the courthouses cannot accept papers filed for the purposed of commencing an action or special proceeding. Papers improperly filed with the clerks at the courthouses will be returned to the litigant.  Additionally, the RJI must be filed with the county clerk’s office the courthouse clerks will not accept copies of the RJI without the County Clerk’s certification that the filing fee has been paid.  The County Clerk requests that the RJI and fee not be accompanied by papers for submission to the court.  Please include a self-addressed envelope in your order to expedite the return of the RJI receipt.

Extension of Time to File a Note of Issue for THE CITY PARTS in SUPREME KINGS

Effective June 1, 2017

Whether by motion or stipulation an application to extend the time to file a Note of issue may only be granted under the following circumstances:

1 The order must be accompanied by a final and definitive enumeration of Discovery which remains outstanding;

  1. Any order which grants the extension must contain language of preclusion or striking of a pleading for failure to strictly adhere to the Discovery scheduled therein;
  2. Outside of extraordinary circumstances, the time within which to file the Note of Issue should not be extended for more than 60 days.

Ordinarily, no further extensions of time to file a Note of Issue should be granted.  If a party fails to adhere to the strict schedule provided in the prior order of extension, the conditional language of that prior order should have resolved the issue.  However, if good cause is shown for failure to comply, it will remain within the sound discretion of the Referee/JHO to permit the forthwith filing of a Note of Issue while concurrently directing that limited Discovery be completed thereafter.