Bronx County Supreme Court E-Filing in City Parts

Please take notice that commencing on March 1, 2017, actions or proceedings that are commenced as e-file cases by a plaintiff/petitioner and then assigned to one of the City Parts in the Bronx Supreme Court (Part 3, Judge Mitchell J. Danziger presiding, and Parts 33 and 17 (NYCHA cases), Judge Larry S. Schachner presiding) will no longer be removed from e-filing. All motions, orders and any other documents to be filed must be filed by NYSCEF. Working Copies of all e-filed motions and e-filed opposition, reply, stipulations, and any other responding documents must be filed in Room 217 at the Courthouse, 851 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451 on or before the return date.
In addition, hard copies of all e-filed ex parte orders and notices of settlement must be filed in Room 217; hard copies of e-filed orders to show cause must be filed in Room 216. For further information for Bronx Supreme Court, please check the Filing Rules for the E-Filed Motions at