Bronx County, Supreme Court, Motor Vehicle Special Trial Part

Bronx County

Supreme Court


Motor Vehicle Special Trial Part

Effective March 27, 2017 as part of the court’s Motor Vehicle Initiative, Justice Elizabeth Taylor will preside over a newly created Motor Vehicle Special Trial Part (Motor Vehicle STP), which will be compromised of automobile cases that are 12 months post-note of issue or older.

Motor vehicle cases that are currently assigned to Justice Doris Gonzalez will remain with Justice Gonzalez and will not be transferred to Justice Taylor. However, Justice Gonzalez will not be receiving any new motor vehicle cases.

In an effort to centralize the operations of the court’s STP Program, Justice Gonzalez and Taylor will continue to occupy adjoining courtrooms (711 and 710 respectively).

Contemporaneous to the creation of the Motor Vehicle STP is the commencement of a program to expedite decisions in pending “serious injury” threshold motions.

Counsel are cautioned that all cases assigned to the Motor Vehicle STP are deemed trial ready and may be sent out to trial as early as the first conference before Justice Taylor.

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