Westchester Supreme Court Update

The NYS Office of Court Administration (OCA) is currently undergoing a change in the way they provide information to the Bar and eLaw. The format and structure of such data has been changed in a way that has caused a delay in the eLaw and court systems which process the data in Westchester Supreme.  Please be advised that eLaw, the company that has been awarded the best docketing and calendar software in New York for the last six years by the readers of the New York Law Journal, has made the changes and is ready to go with all Westchester Supreme data.

For those attorneys that rely on other sources to get up-to-date Westchester appearance and decision information that is a month behind, please contact eLaw and we can track those matters for free for the life of the case(s) and possibly sync the court information to your case management system, Outlook® or Google Calendar™ or iPhones® or Android™ calendars.

Please call 973 642-1440 x 8 for additional details.