eLaw Insider – June 2014 edition



Welcome to the eLaw Insider

Summer has finally arrived and while you take some time for some rest and relaxation, eLaw has your back! Cases are tracked daily to ensure you never miss an important update or appearance.

In this quarterly issue of the eLaw Insider, we offer tips for managing your eLaw account, including profile changes and updating your eWatch list, as well as information related to new appellate rules that may affect your cases.


edit your profile

Changing your eLaw Information

You can update your eLaw profile and change any field EXCEPT your User ID.
• After logging in, click on “My eLaw,” in the top right area below your name.
• On the next screen, click on “Manage Users,” in the left-side navigation column.
• Next, click on the blue cog wheel to the left of your User Name/email address.
• This will open up a screen that will allow you to “Edit” your profile.
• Please remember to click “Save” at the bottom after making your changes.


deleting cases

Deleting cases from your eWatch list is easy and fast.

Deleting Cases from your eWatch List

• After logging in, click on the “eWatch” symbol, located in the top navigation row.
• Using the “Search” box in the left-side column, locate the case you wish to delete by typing in the index number or case name.
• Click on the blue cog wheel to the left of the case that you wish to delete; this will open up a screen that will allow you to delete the case.
• Select “Delete eWatch” from the options listed in the left-side column.
• Follow the prompts (“Yes” or “No”) to remove the case.


New Appellate Contingent Fees, Disbursements and eLaw

Recently all four of the appellate divisions in New York adopted a new, mandatory rule governing contingent fees in personal injury cases, but not medical malpractice cases. Be sure to review your current fee agreements to ensure that they are up to date, and that they include the two options for a client to choose from on how they wish to handle reimbursements. Because eLaw includes client matters on our invoices, your eLaw subscription streamlines assigning any reimbursable expenses. Click here for more information about the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the state of New York, First Department’s amendments.


Fast Facts: Q1 2014

• More than 1.47 million eDocket searches were conducted
• Almost 600,000 eWatch Alerts were emailed to clients
• More than 7,000 eServe orders were processed


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