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Dominick Esposito, Executive Director of eLaw

Welcome to the eLaw Insider

Greetings and welcome to the first edition of the eLaw Insider. This newsletter is meant to provide you with the latest news and tips for eLaw—all the information a true insider deserves. I hope this will become a useful resource for you.

Earlier this year, many of our users took the time to vote for eLaw in the 2014 “Best of The National Law Journal” rankings. I’d like to extend a warm thank you to each of you who did so.

Finally, what are your favorite eLaw products and features and why? Please send me your comments at Dominick@elaw.com.

Dominick Esposito
Executive Director

Judges and Key Officials in New York Courts

Schedule a Demo to Receive “Judges & Key Officials in New York Courts”

Tracking down contact information for New York judges, deputy clerks, law librarians, acting justices, judicial hearing officers and others in the court system can be time-consuming and difficult. To help you find the contacts you need quickly, eLaw’s affiliate, the well-respected Lawyers Diary and Manual, has published a comprehensive 20-page booklet: “Judges & Key Officials in New York Courts.”

This booklet covers the U.S. Court of Appeals Second Circuit, U.S. District Courts, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, Appellate Division (First and Second Departments), Supreme Court (Appellate Term, First and Second Departments) and more. This unique collection of court contacts is not available anywhere else and is yours free when you attend a 15-minute online demo of eLaw’s popular eWatch or eDocket products. To schedule a WebEx session, email Dominick@elaw.com.

edocket-inside-screenshotGet the most accurate electronic court docket information available with eDocket.

Why 25 Is Your New Lucky Number

When you set up 25 cases on your eWatch account, you get a complimentary eDocket subscription. Get all the docket information you need at your fingertips with unlimited searching.

eDocket’s comprehensive search engine allows you to perform simple and advanced searches to gain a quick overview of the case or more extensive information when you need it.

Fast Facts: 2013 Year-End Roundup

  • Almost 5.5 million eDocket searches were conducted in 2013
  • More eDocket searches were conducted—more than a half of million—in October than any other month
  • Almost 2.3 million eWatch Alerts were emailed to clients
  • More eWatch Alerts were emailed—more than 200,000—in October than any other month

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