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eLaw HeaderBest of 2018It’s time for the annual New York Law Journal Best of survey.

Take the NYLJ survey today and vote for eLaw as your favorite “Docketing and Calendaring Software” and “Per Diem Service”.Your-vote-counts2

The annual reader rankings allow the New York legal community to vote for the vendor products and services you believe are best for users.

eLaw has been ranked the Best Docketing and Calendaring Software for the past six years by NYLJ readers. Help us to be named “best” for the seventh year in a row!

eLaw and the Best Docketing and Calendaring Software category are located in “Section 5, Page 25 – Technology – Software and Services” section of the survey under #4.

eLaw and the Best Per Diem Services category are located in “Section 5, Page 32 – Technology – Software and Services” section of the survey under #18.

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Clone Yourself with eLaw and find out how to join the “eLaw Team” at the Mets 6/27th

eLaw Headerelaw clone standeesClone yourself with eLaw because you can’t be two places at once. Our business is to help make law firms more efficient and to ensure you never miss an appearance

As an extension of our case tracking service, eLaw offers daily attorneys who appear in court on behalf of firms to handle a wide variety of matters in both New York and New Jersey courts.

Qualified and reliable per diem attorneys appear in both federal and state courts every day, and have experience handling matters in all courts and in EBTs.

All appearances are handled professionally and with passionate representation by experienced attorneys.

Warm Regards,

Dominick Esposito
eLaw President

Learn more, contact Dominick at 212-503-6000 or

Mets Ad for email

eLaw Ticket Contest Rules-

1- Winner will be selected Friday June 22nd, 2018 at 4 pm.
2- Winner will receive 2 tickets to attend the game June 27th in the Mets Honda Clubhouse Suite.
3- If selected winner agrees to meet with eLaw President, Dominick Esposito, to learn about eLaw services.
4- To be eligible entrants must practice law or be the decision maker at a law firm in NJ or NY.
5. To enter simply e-mail me at with name and firm.


Work with eLaw!

eLaw HeaderePerDiem1Work with eLaw!

eLaw, LLC seeks experienced attorneys for all 62 Counties of New York for court appearances/EBT/EUO’s. Attorneys must have a minimum of three years of experience.

Also seeking experienced attorneys for court appearances and depositions in New Jersey.

Please email your resume, practice area, and location you are available for coverage to

Warm Regards,

Jaime Brown
ePer Diem Director

eLaw Price Increases

Some members that have an eDocket or eWatch account will notice a slight price increase in their accounts starting in May.  The reason for the increase is the new value added products being offered for free to them, Judge Rules, increased calendar options and better syncing. Most of the accounts are still far below retail pricing and have not seen an increase in years.  If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

Dominick Esposito
v: (908) 219-8711
f: (973) 642-6127

890 Mountain Avenue, Suite 300
New Providence, NJ 07974

eLaw introduces NEW Service and updates Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

eLaw Header

New eLaw Service!ecalendar

How frustrating is it going to court and being unable to determine who is on the opposing side whether it is a Per Diem or an unknown associate?

eLaw has solved that problem with its new service eLaw Calendar Link. It is a FREE product intended to make the practice of law easier. If you can text, you can do it!

1.Simply send a text to eLaw at 888 356-3674. And if another attorney texts the same index number and County to eLaw for the same case for the same day, you’ll be sent their phone number, and they will be sent your phone number.

It’s that easy.
You will be signed in for that case until the next time the clock strikes 4PM on a court day. For example, if you text at 7AM, you will be registered for the day; but if you text at 4:30PM, you will be signed in for the next court day. You will automatically be signed out of the case at 4PM, so please sign in again if you are handling an appearance for the same case the following day. If you are handling multiple appearances in the same day, please send a text for each appearance.

Attorney names will be included when we have them. To let us know your name, text “Register ” followed by your name, and we will include it in all subsequent opposing counsels’ alerts.

You can stop further texts from us by texting us “STOP”. You will receive a confirmation and then no more messages, until you text us “UNSTOP”.

Terms of Service and Privacy Policy Update

We’re also writing to let you know that we’ve updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These updates apply to everyone who uses eLaw whether by logging in or through syncing with eLaw. These changes were effective on our site as of April 23 2018. Terms and Conditions can be found at

Contact us today, 212-503-6000

Warm Regards,

Dominick Esposito
eLaw President

Learn more, contact Dominick at 212-503-6000 or

Let ePer Diem stop your Court appearance Madness!

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Madness is upon us!


Do you have multiple appearances in different parts? Stop the appearance Madness in your practice! Be sure to let eLaw handle all of your upcoming appearances with our top-rated ePer Diem service. ePer Diem is the buzz of the legal community. There are three easy ways to schedule coverage:

(1) login to your account and coverage is just a click away;
(2) call the ePer Diem Hotline: 212-209-3354; or
(3) e-mail us to request coverage.

Managing your practice has never been easier. Let ePer Diem cover your appearances and stop the Madness!

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NY Court Closings for March 7th, 2018 as of 9:30am

As of now All New York City Courts are OPEN!!!!!

Presently only Westchester, Putnam and the Courts in the Fourth Judicial District are closed,

Southern District in New York and White Plains are also closed!

Southern District Bankruptcy is also closed.

Eastern District in Brooklyn will close at Noon.

Eastern District in Central Islip is closed.

Eastern District  Bankruptcy in Brooklyn is OPEN!!

Eastern District Bankruptcy in Central Islip is Closed.