Virtual ADR (V-ADR) with No Fee, 2nd Chance Option

*  Mediate/arbitrate from any location

*  V-ADR works with all devices- desktops, laptops*, tablets and phones

Simple to use software provided

*  PRIVATE breakouts between neutral and each side

*  PRIVATE text-chat between counsel and client 

*  NO FEE 2nd chance: if the case does not settle, come back in person for free:

– Parties get full credit for the cost of the virtual mediation if they come in-person for a follow-up mediation within 90 days of the end of the NYS State of Emergency

–  Time equivalence will be honored: e.g. if your VM was for 1.5 hours, you will receive 1.5 hours free in person

* Laptops available for loan for clients doing groups of cases

For a free 2 minute preview of V-ADR, contact Bill Groner, CEO of SSAM at


SSAM is a partner with eLaw, LLC

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