2020 Resolutions

“I Will:

◾ Run my practice with less stress
◾ Be better organized
Never miss a court appearance
◾ Sync all my case alerts to my Case Management System, Outlook, Google or Smart Phone calendars
◾ File my Notes of Issue on Time;
◾ Know all my Judge Part rules before appearing before the Judge
Timely File my Notes of Issue
Know when my Subpoenaed Records arrive at the courthouse; and
◾ Plan my professional life by knowing well in advance when all my court appearances are scheduled, having them automatically populated in my calendar

In other words … I will use eLaw®

eLaw eliminates the pitfalls and anxiety in your practice. Click here to request a free, no-pressure (really!) presentation at your office or call us at 212-503-6000.

Warm Regards,
Dominick Esposito
eLaw President

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