PRESS RELEASE – eLAW and PM Legal Announce Growth Capital Investment in SSAM ADR

September 27, 2018 – New York, NY – Sister companies eLAW and PM Legal are proud to announce a growth capital investment in and strategic partnership with SSAM ADR, an award-winning boutique dispute resolution firm, headquartered in Westbury, NY.  The investment will fund SSAM’s expansion into Manhattan (655 Third Avenue at 42nd St; entire 27th floor) to service its growing client base.  The investment underscores eLAW’s and PM Legal’s ongoing commitment to fostering and providing attorneys with access to innovative solutions that meet their evolving needs.  In addition, and as part of the new alliance, PM Legal President and Visionary, Ross Mallor, will take on an active, advisory role as a Director for SSAM.

Widely known and well-respected as the source of critical knowledge and services for busy legal professionals, eLAW and PM Legal—the recognized leader in each of case tracking, per diem services, process service, investigations, and court services—and SSAM, finalized their partnership in early August 2018.  The joint venture will now offer mediation and arbitration solutions to all eLAW subscribers and PM Legal clients.

As the latest arrow in their quiver of innovative programs, SSAM ADR, in conjunction with eLAW and PM Legal, will roll out a new eADR Digital Case Submission Program.  This program will enable eLAW and PM Legal clients to access SSAM’s entire suite of creative, customized dispute resolution services.  To streamline the process, the eADR option will be made available on the eLAW, PM Legal and SSAM websites via a Digital Case Submission process that will allow clients to easily submit a case for mediation.  Various other joint programs are currently in development that will maximize the opportunities for eLaw and PM Legal attorneys to access SSAM ADR.  The strategic partnership creates a gateway to mediation at every step of the litigation process, through the elevated mediation experience administered by SSAM ADR.

As investment, operational and branding partners in this three part alliance, eLAW’s President Dominick Esposito and PM Legal’ s President, Ross Mallor  worked diligently with Bill Groner, CEO for SSAM to build the framework for a strategic partnership that leverages the experience and assets that each company brings to the table.

Says Esposito, “For eLAW, our platform has always been about helping attorneys manage their case volume, including case tracking, docket management and per diem coverage. Adding mediation and arbitration services is a natural fit for us as attorneys continue their migration away from costly and uncertain litigation into ADR.”

PM Legal’s Mallor also shares his thoughts on the alliance stating, “Our mission is to make it easier for attorneys to move their cases along. SSAM does so by bringing all parties together with outstanding neutrals in a uniquely collaborative environment.”

Adds Groner, “The term strategic partner can be so cliché, but our relationship truly is one based on a clear and strategic vision to provide the absolute highest level of ADR services and solutions to the legal community.”  He adds, “Our association and partnership with eLAW and PM Legal, is a win-win for our respective companies and for every client our joint businesses touch.”

Mallor, joining the team to share his knowledge and leverage his relationships on behalf of new partner SSAM, states, “It is one thing to be associated with a strategic partner, it is another to be deeply involved in the brand experience and the products that are being delivered.  I look forward to sharing my expertise and to building a new legacy for the way our clients look at and access mediation and arbitration services.”

The trio are planning a plethora of team events to further build synergy between the three companies. More information on SSAM’s new eADR program will be available on the eLAW, PM Legal and SSAM websites.  Questions regarding the strategic partnership or this press release can be directed to Jodi Jacobs, Crystal Vision Marketing at

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