Clone Yourself with eLaw and find out how to join the “eLaw Team” at the Mets 6/27th

eLaw Headerelaw clone standeesClone yourself with eLaw because you can’t be two places at once. Our business is to help make law firms more efficient and to ensure you never miss an appearance

As an extension of our case tracking service, eLaw offers daily attorneys who appear in court on behalf of firms to handle a wide variety of matters in both New York and New Jersey courts.

Qualified and reliable per diem attorneys appear in both federal and state courts every day, and have experience handling matters in all courts and in EBTs.

All appearances are handled professionally and with passionate representation by experienced attorneys.

Warm Regards,

Dominick Esposito
eLaw President

Learn more, contact Dominick at 212-503-6000 or

Mets Ad for email

eLaw Ticket Contest Rules-

1- Winner will be selected Friday June 22nd, 2018 at 4 pm.
2- Winner will receive 2 tickets to attend the game June 27th in the Mets Honda Clubhouse Suite.
3- If selected winner agrees to meet with eLaw President, Dominick Esposito, to learn about eLaw services.
4- To be eligible entrants must practice law or be the decision maker at a law firm in NJ or NY.
5. To enter simply e-mail me at with name and firm.


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