Syncing With Case Management Systems

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Syncing With Case Management Systems

elaw-0717eLaw eliminates the need to manually enter information into case management software (CMS), preventing clerical data entry errors and saving valuable time. CMS Sync pushes case docket information directly into a firm’s CMS, synchronizing with both proprietary CMS platforms and off-the-shelf products.

Maximize the value of your firm’s CMS and never miss an appearance again. Using an index number, county and year for the case being watched, get automatic updates to your CMS, including:

• Future appearance dates
• Adjourned appearances
• Court decisions
• Subpoenaed records arriving at the courthouse
• Attorneys
• Parties
• Motions
• Judges’ information
• 325D transfer notification
• Case status

Learn more about CMS Sync here or contact us today to tell us which CMS syncing you need.

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