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Let Technology Help Your Office Operate More Efficiently

508262602aAre you spending time searching to find upcoming appearances and not getting reimbursed for that time?

Have you or anyone in your firm missed any appearances in 2016 or 2017?

Have you had to scramble at the last minute to cover a newly discovered appearance?

Has someone in your firm forgot to add a case to be tracked or transposed a court appearance date?

Have you ever forgotten to add a case to your calendar?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES then eLaw is your answer. Solve all of these worries with eLaw technology. Become an eLaw subscriber today and you will have the option to automatically synchronize your eWatch account with your existing Case Management System or Outlook®, Google Calendar™, iPhone® or Android™ calendars. You can eliminate the need for manual entry of updates. You will save time and reduce the risk of errors. You will never miss an appearance again when you sync your eWatch to your CMS or calendar. And eLaw will notify you of an appearance even when you forget to add the case to be tracked with its preliminary conference reminder!

What are you waiting for? Let eLaw’s technology help run your office more efficiently!

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