Instructions for Extending Time to File a Note of Issue in Supreme Kings


Inquiries regarding Note of Issue, NINA calendar, and Stips to restore a case are to be made in Room 282 or 774

  1. Caption must match Court computer including third party actions.
  2. Language restoring the case is required if the case is disposed or if stipulation is submitted after the NINA date. IF the case has been disposed over one (1) year, a motion to restore must be made.
  3. All parties must be accounted for in the stipulation, including parties in default, parties dismissed on summary judgment, parties who have not appeared or answered, discontinuances, etc.
  4. Signatures must be by an attorney; a law firm’s name is insufficient.
  5. Stipulation must indicate all discovery that remains outstanding.
  6. Extensions can be up to 60 days, or 90 days if the case is complex.
  7. Two stipulations will be accepted. If a second one is necessary, it must be accompanied by an affirmation of good cause. Any further applications must be made by motion.
  8. Stipulations must be submitted at least ONE (1) day prior to the NINA (disposal) date for signature.
  9. If a case was disposed for failure to appear at a conference, it may be restored on consent of all parties with a new conference date in the stipulation.

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