Increase your productivity in 2017

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Still manually tracking cases or updating appearances in your calendar?

iStock-491243492Start 2017 with a renewed focus on firm efficiency and productivity!

Save time and eliminate the risk of errors when you let eLaw add your cases to eWatch for you and/or automatically sync case updates to your case management system or calendar. Simply forward eFiled court emails containing your new index number to eLaw and we’ll add the case to your eWatch account so you do not miss your PC. Also, eLaw integrates with several popular case management systems to automatically update critical case information and court dates directly into your CMS to ensure you never miss an appearance.

CMS Sync and Calendar Sync from eLaw are available at no additional cost to all subscribers automatically tracking their cases with eWatch, so why wait? Now is a great time to get Sync’d!

To learn more, contact Dominick at 800-444-4041, ext. 170 or

Be sure to ask about our new ePer Diem service!

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