eLaw Insider – November 2016 Edition


Welcome to the November 2016 issue of the eLaw Insider.

It’s been a busy and exciting time for all of us at eLaw! We’ve enjoyed visiting with many of you at recent industry events in and around the City and look forward to seeing more of you throughout the coming weeks as we celebrate the holiday season.

A special thanks to all our clients who have already tried our new daily attorney service, “ePer Diem.” Launched just this fall, it’s already taken off and proving to be a great value-add for many eLaw subscribers.

If you are interested in learning more about our new per diem service, or if you wish to review your eLaw subscriptions, please contact me at Dominick@eLaw.com. We are here to help ensure you have access to all the eLaw products your firm needs to help you practice with confidence.

As the year winds down, we hope you have a chance to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.

Warm Regards,

Dominick Esposito
Executive Director

ePer Diem

in September eLaw introduced our newest service, ePer Diem. As an extension of our case tracking service, eLaw new offers daily attorneys who appear in court on behalf of firms to handle a wide variety of matters in both New York and New Jersey courts. ePer Diem was launched to help make our customers even more efficient and to help ensure you never miss an appearance. Read the full announcement here, or read coverage of the story in a recent article in Legaltech News.

Clients who have already trusted eLaw for per diem service are sharing their positive experiences:

“I easily uploaded documents to the per diem attorney who was appearing on my behalf and spoke to her before the EBT.”

“I called eLaw just 10 minutes before an appearance and they had someone there to cover it!”

To learn more or to schedule service, call the ePer Diem Hotline: 212-209-3354. Orders can also be placed online, via your eLaw account.

Are you Sync’d?

Did you know that eLaw subscribers have the option to automatically synchronize their eWatch account with an existing CMS or calendar? Eliminate the need for manual entry of updates, saving time and reducing the risk of errors or missing an appearance when you sync your eWatch to your CMS or calendar. Learn more.


This fall marks the 6th straight year eLaw was recognized as the Best Docketing and Calendaring technology in the New York Law Journal Reader Rankings. Thank you to all of our loyal subscribers who voted eLaw the “Best” yet again!



At NYSTLA’s recent Partner Gala we celebrated our many years of support for this great organization. Congratulations to Vic D’Ammora, winner of our custom-made suit courtesy of tailor Rojer Baron. Thanks to everyone who entered our drawing.

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