eLaw Insider – December 2014


eLaw Insider December

Don’t be the empty chair at your next appearance!

Who Is in Your Corner?

When most days seem short on time, full of demands from colleagues and clients and the occasional surprise, do you ever wonder who is in your corner?

eLaw understands and has been helping bring the tools you need to better cope for almost 15 years. When we first launched eLaw, it was our motto to ensure that you never missed an appearance. Over 100,000 registered users benefit from our docket tracking, document retrieval, filing, calendaring and custom report options. Yes, you have options!

As you enter 2015, remember that eLaw’s products can make a marked difference in your practice, giving you peace of mind at a cost-effective price. We have the best support desk in the business and are more than prepared to improve your professional life.

Don’t keep taking the heat. Contact eLaw and help free up your time to actually practice law – with less stress. We know what works, we price it with reason, we stand by our work and we are in your corner. We have the highest integrity and offer the best results.

Call Dominick Esposito at 973-642-1440, ext. 170, or email him at Dominick@elaw.com and go right to the top of our company. He will dedicate the resources to help bring you a smile and a sigh of relief. We do this every day – today is your day! We love what we do and so will you.

The eLaw team wishes you Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2015!


Podcast Interview: The Evolution of eLaw

Legal industry analyst Ari Kaplan interviewed eLaw Executive Director Dominick Esposito about how the award-winning docketing and calendaring software has changed during the past 14 years. In the six-minute podcast, “Docketing Is Dead. Long Live Docketing,” Dominick highlights how tracking cases, appearances and decisions have evolved from manual, laborious work to a 24/7 electronic, automated process. He also details how eLaw is keeping up with the times by synchronizing with:

Case management software
Desktop and Web-based calendars, including Microsoft® Outlook® and Google Calendar
Mobile phones and tablets, including Apple® iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ smartphones

Click here to listen to the brief podcast.


Fast Facts: 2014 to Present

• More than 4.98 million eDocket searches conducted
• More than 2.07 million eWatch alerts emailed to clients
• More than 24,270 eServe orders processed
• More than 8,460 eCopy orders processed


e-Law®, eLaw, eWatch, eDocket, and eServe are either registered trademarks or trademarks of e-Law, LLC. Microsoft® and Outlook® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. Google, Google Calendar and Android™ are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Google Inc. Apple®, iPhone® and iPad® are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.


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