eLaw Unveils New Product Features

12/5/2012 – NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – December 5, 2012 – Today, eLaw—the single source of critical knowledge for busy legal professionals—announced new features on its popular case management platform. These key enhancements help subscribers to make faster decisions and prioritize their upcoming commitments by making even more critical case data available at their fingertips.

eLaw® provides the local knowledge required by lawyers to productively manage caseloads by searching and monitoring court dates and events. The latest eLaw® improvements include:

~ Pending trial calendar appearances are now on the user dashboard of each subscriber’s home page and provide a list of upcoming commitments at a glance upon entering the eLaw® site.
~ A quick view is available for the number of times each case appears on a trial calendar.
~ A “trial” button on each user’s eLaw® calendar provides a list of upcoming appearances, including the number of times each has appeared on the trial calendar after the name of the case.
~ A relief sought list is available for motion appearances.

Now subscribers to eLaw® also see a display of all related cases to each case added to their eWatch list. This helps attorneys who want to track additional cases that the court has indicated are related to their eWatch cases.

eLaw® subscribers have access to federal, state, and selected local and appellate courts in New York and New Jersey, and they receive automated monitoring of cases of interest and alerts to events on registered cases. eLaw® also provides automated synchronization of court dates with calendars in eLaw®, Outlook or several other case management systems.  eLaw® also offers a secure electronic portal for filing, serving, and exchanging documents with opposing parties and clients and much more, including custom, on-demand reports to improve business intelligence.

About eLaw
eLaw is the single source of critical knowledge for busy legal professionals. With access to courts and dockets, legal research, and comprehensive directories, tens of thousands of subscribers use eLaw® every day to efficiently manage cases, reduce expenses, and improve productivity. eLaw is owned and operated by Skinder Strauss Associates, publisher of the renowned Lawyers Diary and Manual®. Its sister companies include American Clerical Services and Aetna Judicial Services, the premier attorney services and process service business in New York. For more information, visit http://www.eLaw.com.
Media Contact:
Dominick Esposito
890 Mountain Ave., Suite 300
New Providence, NJ 07974
Phone: 973-642-1440, ext. 8
Email: dominick@eLaw.com

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